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Are you an entrepreneur with an innovative and sustainable business idea, product, or service? Is your business working to improve environmental, economic, or social challenges? Pitch us your idea today for the chance to win cash prizes and unique business opportunities!


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Deadline: July 16th 

Deadline: July 16th 

Deadline: July 16th 

Deadline: July 16th 

Deadline: July 16th 

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Network with potential angel investors, venture capitalists, high growth entrepreneurs, possible partners and clients, corporate executives and SME business owners.

2021 Winners

Innovation Competition 

Innovation Competition 

Innovation Competition 

Innovation Competition 

Innovation Competition 

2021 Prizes

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Our next step is to grow, grow, grow… the prize money that we got from this competition will really help us pour directly into working capital and boost our production numbers.

Adam HokinPedalCell

I think from the beginning to the end of the competition, we got a lot better at clearly explaining what it is that makes Leap unique as a company, that's from the technology to the value creation for our customers to our approach on sustainability.

Dr. David Berney NeedlemanLeap Photovoltaics

I started Ichosia as a research project in high school. I didn’t have access to research grants or a network of investors and really had to start this company from scratch. It’s completely due to pitch competitions and the generosity of sponsors like USPAACC that made what we’re doing at Ichosia possible.

Lucas ViningIchosia Biotechnology

Rules and eligibility

What's the team composition?

  • Teams that have won/placed in past competitions are not eligible to compete again unless they have a new technology or a completely new venture.
  • Each team may bring up to 5 team members including the team leader. A minimum of 2 team members must be present for the in-person portion.

What categories or sectors are allowed to enter?

  • Consumer Goods
    Food and Beverages, Cosmetics & Fashion, B2C Mobile Apps
  • Life Science & Healthcare
    Medical Technologies, Medical Device, Healthcare IT Solutions, Biotech, Biopharma
  • Technology
    AI, Blockchain, Machine Learning, 3D Printing, Cybersecurity, Robotics, IoT, Enterprise Software, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality
  • Energy & Utilities
    Clean Energy, Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Transportation & Mobility, Hybrid Vehicles, Natural Gas, Oil & Gas Technologies
  • Manufacturing, Business Services and Others
    All Manufacturing and Related, Supply Chain, FinTech, Logistics, etc.

What are the revenue limitations?

  • All ventures have to be seeking equity/ capital/ early stage investments or angel investments. We do not provide research grants, loans, friends and family funding or any accelerator, incubator equity funding.
  • All ventures have to be for-profits.

Is IP required?

An IP is not required but is highly recommended.

Does my venture have to be in the startup phase?

  • Only new ventures in early growth, seed and start-up stage can compete at this competition.
  • You may compete in the USPAACC competition more than once. Only previous applicants, who have refined their ideas and products, will be reviewed by the Committee.

What type of venture is not able to enter?

  • Startups that have raised more than $1 million in equity capital, other than from friends and family.
  • Startups that operate as or have participated in M&As, growth and/or expansion of existing companies, franchises, licensing agreements and spinouts from current companies.